Zipho Popoyi doing the most in the gospel industry

Zipho Popoyi (Photo: Facebook)

Mamelodi East based Gospel singer Zipho Popoyi aims to reach the top with his biblical music.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Zipho is a young ambitious singer and motivator who is a proud Jesus Christ lover.

The musician is also an educator at Impendulo Primary School in Lusaka, Mamelodi East.

He says his love for gospel music comes from within.

“I love music,” he told Mams Music Gallery. “I am a believer and I believe in gospel music but can sing other genres.

“When I was in high school I was part of the choirs doing school competitions. In 2013 I released my first album and I was still a student at University of Zulu Land.”

The 2019 1st Mamelodi Music Awards nominee says the biggest challenge in his music career has been money.

He adds: “When you are an upcoming artist it is difficult. You are not yet known and people don’t know you. It is also difficult to get a marketing manager who can sign you and publish your music.

“Gospel artists who are already on top and have a solid fan base and find it hard for to support upcoming artists. Only a few does that.

“With these challenges I decided to stop music a little bit.”

Zipho made a come back in 2017 by releasing a single. In 2018 he released an album titled Ngibusisiwe that got him a nomination in the Mamelodi Music Awards.

He recently released a single track titled Ngingumnqobi which is set to feature in his upcoming third album that will be released soon.

He says about the single: “Ngingumnqobi is the single that I love more than all the songs I released. It reveals my identity. The bible says we are more than conquerors through Christ.

“I believe a lot in Christ. I am sure and aware that when in Christ I am a conqueror. Nothing can defeat me. Jesus is the one who defeated that devil.

“I have that motivation in me and I don’t give up. I understand myself who I am in Christ. That is what this song is all about”

Ngingumnqobi official artwork

He says he is still busy with other songs that will be part of the upcoming album and that most of the songs are biblical just like Ngingumnqobi.

When asked how is the support from the community of Mamelodi in the gospel industry given the fact that majority of local people love Amapiano music more than any other genre, he says that the support is there as seen with a number of votes produced by gospel artists in the Mamelodi Music Awards.

“I believe Mamelodi support the gospel artists. Like they supported the awards it means they support local artists.”