TS Records responds to Zahara claims

On Wednesday Zahara accused her former bosses at TS Records for owing her money and the label has responded to the claims.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, told Metro FM’S The Drive Show that her former record label owes her the royalties for her previous three albums she  released under them.

She also claimed that the label didn’t honour the agreements of the contract she signed with them.

Zahara claimed: “Where are my royalties? From the Loliwe album (debut album) to Phendula and Country Girl albums. Where are my royalties?

“When Loliwe album came out, I was gigging (a lot). They would charge around R120 000 (per gig). But I was getting R10 000 from that money.

“They didn’t abide by the rules because the rules said the company gets 30% of the money and the artist get 70%. They were not even paying me in time. I would even struggle to get that R10 000.”

Now the record label has released the statement, saying they do not owe Zahara anything, the claims that are backed up by both Universal Music and Sheer Music.

Read the statement:

‘TS Records was Zahara’s record label during the period that she recorded Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl.

These records were released through EMI South Africa then through Universal Music. To the best of TS Records knowledge, Zahara and the producer of the said albums were paid and continue to receive all forms of royalties that are due to them.

Publishing works belonging to Zahara are all owned by her in her own personal capacity and have been continuously paid by our publishing partners Sheer into her own personal banking accounts.