TS Records owes me money, says Zahara

Superstar Zahara accuses her former record label, TS Records, of owing her royalties and that they didn’t abide by the agreements of the contract.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

On Wednesday Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, told Metro FM’s Mo FLava that her former bosses at TS Records owe her royalty money from her previous albums he released under the label.

The multi-award winning Afro Pop singer said that although she signed her contract with TS with full knowledge, the label didn’t honour the agreement.

TS Records is a record label owned by Sbusiso ‘DJ Sbu’ Leope and Mr Thembinkosi Nciza and operated from 2001 to 2014.

Zahara said: “When I came (to TS Records), I signed the contract and I know what it said. I was excited to sign a record deal. But they did not abide by the rules of the contract.

“Where are my royalties? From the Loliwe album (debut album) to Phendula and Country Girl albums. Where are my royalties?

“When Loliwe album came out, I was gigging (a lot). They would charge around R120 000 (per gig). But I was getting R10 000 from that money.

“They didn’t abide by the rules because the rules said the company gets 30% of the money and the artist get 70%. They were not even paying me in time. I would even struggle to get that R10 000.”

Zahara continues: “I was living by SAMRO money that pays out quarterly. Remember I was an ambassador for Nedbank but they still collected that money. It was not from Nedbank straight to me.”