The World Of Hyenas Battles are great for the sake of the culture, says SLIM VETT

The national Lockdown declared by president Cyril Ramaphosa has seen an increase in online activities when it comes to music and one such is battles in the Hip Hop industry and Mamelodi was not prepared to be left out.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

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WORLD OF HYENAS is one of the online Hip Hop battles organised by Mamelodi based rapper SLIM VETT and it takes place in a public WhatsApp group.

SLIM VETT says the aim of the initiative was to connect and help build each other musically.

“I believe we have enough talent in Mamelodi and Pretoria alone,” he told Mams Music Gallery.

“I thought this would be a perfect time to showcase our skills and talents. Also to entertain the supporters and fans in this hard times.”

The battles have been going on for a while and one of the highlights battle was between Trapper Hollic and Ekzotic Music on Thursday night.

Ekzotic won the chosen  6 round battle according to the scores rated by group members.

“I can’t say he (Ekzotic) won all the battles (rounds),” he adds. “Trapper Hollic managed to own two battles (rounds).

“So far (since we started) we had countless battles. I even lost count. We are about to have more battles by some of the dopest and talented artists and producers.

On Saturday the most anticipated battle is between Mamelodi finest OGs Joe Valaza and Suda Rocka.

SLIM VETT adds that everyone in and around Mamelodi can participate.