Shuffle Muzik: ‘There Is A Hit Against Me’

Shuffle Muzik believes there is someone who is after him following the car chase he experienced on the weekend.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

There was an alleged car chase on the weekend following Shuffle Muzik’s last set in one of his gigs and the DJ believes there is a hit behind it.

These allegations comes after an alleged AUDI vehicle chased after the Tanqueray hit maker but Shuffle managed to escape unharmed.

He said that he knows who is behind the plan to see him hurt and has since tried to open the police case, of which the police refused because of lack of hard evidence.

But the Open Mic Production artist took to social media to air his disappointments about the horrific incident.

“It is with utmost disappointment to learn that there’s a hit against me by someone I trusted,” he wrote.

“Yesterday (Saturday) after my last gig I was followed by a white Audi that ultimately chased me. Fortunately enough I got away safely.

“It is a pity that the police can’t open a case without proper evidence. Just so you know I am aware of the person behind it and have since given information to my lawyers in case something happens to me.”

Shuffle is expected to release his solo album later this year following a number of his released songs including Tanqueray, Stimela and Portuguese Praise.