Sfubanation: ‘Local artists must get paid’

Mamelodi based artist Mpho Sfubanation believes local artists should be compensated for their services when booked for events.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

The debate on whether local artists should be paid for event performances has been argued from time to time.

Some people believe locals should appreciate the platform they are given as it is their chance to be heard by fans while some says whether the locals have fan base or not they should be compensated.

This topic has been raised again by local artist Sfuba Nation as he believes every artist, whether known or unknown, should be appreciated in terms of financial help when invited to perform at the event.

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Sfuba Nation, a member of Nyico Loco’s music movement Locomotive La Familia, has been releasing music and features over the years and has worked with artists such as Phoenix Flamee, Blaq Blood, Boy Peza, Bonezee Bonzalez, Tee Motion and Nyico Loco.

He is also known as a great performer when called to perform at the events and having seen it all in the local markets, he says artists such as him should be looked in a different way rather than be judged for been ‘local’ and ‘unknown’.

He said: “Event organizers must normalize paying local artists and stop hiding behind this ‘I’m promoting your music shit.’

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“That shit is played out. Music is payed for and people pay money to record. If you don’t want to pay local artists in your hood and want to give people who are famous money then fine, don’t call anyone local at your events then.

“Y’all don’t even know what lengths they take to come to your stupid shows. You can’t even give the artist a taxi or petrol money.”

Event organizers must normalise paying local artists and stop hiding behind this I’m promoting your music shit that shit…

Posted by Mpho Sfubanation on Monday, December 21, 2020

His words were not supported by everyone as some believe locals have no fan base and they cannot make return on investments when paid for a gig, compared to mainstream artists.

Situ Tanic Minoza said: “Artists don’t have market value. I book you for 3k. Can you bring me back my investment? Can fans walk in and say they here to see u perform? That’s why promoters prefer paying for mainstream acts they got reach.
“For me artists must show they can draw crowds before we talk money. Let’s see the launches and tours they hosted to determine their worth.”

Siyanda Panic Ntshanga added: “Fact is, promoters will always gun to pay mainstream artists because they attract the people that pay for tickets.
“The real question is, will your fan base come to my show and pay R150 to come see you perform? And if the answer is yes, how many people will come and pay to see you, to a venue that takes about 1000 people?”
Bonezee Jojo Mthakathi Bonzalez also added: “I preached about this a lot. You cannot pay everyone except an artist because they are unknown.

“They are also putting in the work and deserve something especially when you are making a profit. They can use their fancy business terms and I still say it’s exploitation and it undermines what we do.
“Somehow I made more money outside Mamelodi with a crowd that doesn’t know my name because the event organizers have a budget to pay everyone doing the work. That’s what I call business.”