Hyena Reviews: Hyena Of The Week – Johny Liminal Myth

Hyena Reviews is a review movement for Mamelodi Hip Hop. This week they review Mamelodi based rapper Johny Liminal Myth as a HYENA OF THE WEEK.

By Hyena Reviews

Liminal is an underground rapper known for his raw, genuine lyrical delivery and punchline writing skills. His style of hip hop is inspired by the (Mamelodi) Township he grew up in.

He started rapping back in 2004 and has inspired by acts like, BusterRymes, Copywrite Mc, Canibus and Cali Agents and Eminem

He has dropped two solo mixtapes so far, the first one was titled After Bridge the second one New Drug and they both did great for an underground kat.

Johny Liminal Myth (PHOTO: SUPPLIED)

He has done a lot of features with most of the best rappers in the hood.

“The game has changed from when we first started. But change inevitable. The treatment is getting better and better,” he said after being asked how the game has been treating him.

His top five consists of names like Pro Verb, Hhp (RIP), Tory Lanes, Hopsin and Post Malone. Last week he dropped a freestyle called Devil Flow and he will be dropping a 5 track EP called Timeless this month on the 31 of October. He described it as “crazy” which in our lingo is fire.

He would like to work with Testify, Mitlaas Mitlo, Trapperholic, Florde Jicasso, A-reece, Tellaman Flame, Blacklez and Casper Nyovest. He raps mostly about life in general.

And that people should not chase fame to much before they fully master the Art form. One of his biggest achievements was winning 4k (R4000) and taking the number one spot on Jam Alley in 2010.

His most downloaded song has to be Inyathi and it was a Caracara Parody.

We wish our hyena more success in his path to greatness.