Pitsy Switches To Hip Hop

Mamelodi based music producer Pitsy is switching music genres from dance / house / amapiano to Hip Hop.

Pitsy is well known for hit songs like Kwesta – Maybabo (Dictated Mix), Abafa aba nice alongside Sihle, Nhlaks and Deej Ya Mang; and Chaba Chomi.

The Soul Dictators member was also part of the group’s hit song Abajoli Abagezi, that went on to be Pretoria’s anthem couple of years ago.

“Growing up I loved local sounds (Drum & Bass / Bacardi) but I used to write rhymes (Hip Hop lyrics) and rap at battles until I felt it is not getting me anywhere,” Pitsy told Mams Music Gallery about his Hip Hop history and going back to the culture.

“I (by ten) decided to focus on dance music. I debuted with a song called It’s All In The Mind. 

“I tried many different styles that improved my skill to another level whereby today I can work on almost any genre world wide.”

Pitsy has since released his Hip Hop song he titled Motho Wa Katjeno, He called up Kashies The Waiter for the collaboration of the trap song.

He confesses that it is time he formally introduced himself to what he does best, which is Hip Hop.

“And that is Hip Hop with that kasi flavor,” he explained.

You can download Pitsy’s Hip Hop work below:

Pitsy; Kashies The Waiter – Motho Wa Katjeno