Maal Vleis on his Mamelodi song: ‘The song inspired by my growing up in Mams’

Mamelodi is a unique township and more so when many artists across all genres name their songs Mamelodi. This was the case with rapper Maal Vleis.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When one think of Mamelodi there is only one thing that comes to mind: Special.

And Mamelodi is considered as a country on its own, with some saying it is a continent. That is how far the township is inspiring among its residents.

There are also tons of songs from across many genres that have songs named Mamelodi, and Mamelodi based rapper Maal Vleis follows this route.

Vleis released the Mamelodi song in February this year, calling up T Bear and Blue as features.

He told Mams Music Gallery: “I did Mamelodi because I wanted to let people know where I am from. This song was inspired by my growing up here in Mamelodi and also different people and places around (the township).

“Basically this is where I represent Mamelodi the mother of melodies.”

Maal Vleis (centre) with OriGinal (left) and T Bear (right) (Photo: Maal Vleis)

The Trying Times rapper says the song was produced by Mr Magik McCoy and he featured T Bear and Blue because he knows them personally and on a professional level.

He continues: “The song was recorded at Beat Farm and I asked Sparo (Beat Farm co-owner) to holler at Blue so we can do the joint and she spiced things up. T Bear was with me at that time. We had just recorded his joint Mokgotsi that is coming soon and I wanted him on the hook.”

Since releasing Trying Times and 7:30 The Retard in 2017, Maal Vleis has been quiet in dropping his own singles but has been featured in numerous collabos including Magik’s Rebatla O Jiva.

“I have been quiet about releasing due to the fact that I have not been recording music for a bit,” he confesses.

“It is a struggle as an upcoming artist to make music when you are not equipped to to do so. Mixing and mastering is also a problem.

“I mean, we want to release quality music. Being without a producer is one of the main hurdles. I am soon to release another track called Blow. Shout out to Beat Farm and also G Coin on the beat.”

Maal Vleis says he is looking forward to finish his long awaited mixtape titled The Maal Tape: Tales from Mahloma.

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