Kapa Kapa: ‘We are still in the game’

Kapa Kapa Music Entertainment producer Mxolisi Mathebula has assured their music fans that they haven’t vanished from the music scene just yet.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Kapa Kapa is a popular and well-known name around the streets of Pretoria not only because of music but trending music.

The group, made up of range of musicians, is known from Bacardi music in the early and mid 2000s with popular songs like Moruti ka Smetlana, Jonga, Bicycle and Tse Pedi.

Since the Amapiano genre took over Pretoria and the world over four years back, Bacardi music went silent as pubs and taverns entertained the new genre on the dance floors.

The name Kapa Kapa almost went dead but they released an exclusive Amapiano song titled Guitar Vibes featuring Thindu in 2017’s The Gallery Dance 1st Chapter album arranged by Mams Music Gallery.

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But now the team plan on reviving the legendary Bacardi, with plans of releasing music still in place.

“We are still alive in the music industry,” Mxolisi told Mams Radio on Saturday. “And during the lockdown we worked even hard.”

Kapa Kapa music entertainment will release a Bacardi album that will revive the spirit of the genre since Amapiano took over.

The album will be under Ma-Eli, a vocalist heard on the popular Bacardi song Moruti ka Smetlana.

“The album is finished and ready to hit the streets,” he confirmed. “It is complete and we are just waiting to release it.”

Kapa Kapa is not only Bacardi producers that plan on releasing more Bacardi projects in the future, with both Nyico Loco and DJ Sbu wako Tsakane having confirmed that they will drop soon to remind the Pretoria streets that Bacardi is an ancestor on its own.