Is Mamelodi sleeping on its own Hip Hop talent?

One of local rappers Marshaville

Originally published in March 2019

It is no secret that the Hip Hop genre has taken over the country in the past few years, with some of the Hip Hop hits going all the way winning top awards. But the same cannot be said about Mamelodi Hip Hop.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

There has been a far cry from Mamelodi Hip Hop artists crying about the lack of support from their own people but is the problem the lack of support or is there more issues that need to be attended to?

Local artists are complaining about the lack of support in their craft, with Ekzotic Music telling Mamelodi Music Gallery few months ago in his exclusive interview that Mamelodi people love House music more than Hip Hop.

Fellow rapper Toryce Blvckrose also supported this staement recently when he quoted the exact same words said by Ekzotic.

Another rapper Trapper Hollic was allegedly stopped from performing at Jarateng when national Hip Hop star Areece came to the township, despite Trapper’s name been written on the official poster.

Acording to Trapper, the Jarateng stage management told him that Hip Hop is boring, but the headliner Areece is a Hip Hop artist and he performed.

Perhaps they meant that local Hip Hop is boring, but they haven’t responded to the questions sent to them to give their side of the story regarding this incident.

Trapper Hollic performs at MMG 1st Anniversary at Jackbudha Shisanyama

This brings up the question: Is local event venues giving enough support to the local acts or are local acts so boring that local event venues are not willing to give them the stage time?

Some of the local acts were able to fill up venues, like when MMG hosted their 1st anniversary in March 2018 at Jackbudha Shisanyama where it was only a Hip Hop stage, with house music acts been booked on the main floor stage.

The likes of Boy Peza were also filling up Jackbudha alongside the likes of ThicknThin and Blaklez in the past.

Talking about Boy Peza, his two songs My Love and Tjwelela featuring BlaqBlood were Mamelodi anthems in their period of releasing, defeating the opinion that the local acts are boring.

Rapper Maleboo

Maleboo also filled up Nkandla (Uncle’s place) in September 2018 even though the line up was a mixture of Hip hop and house. But his Hip Hop performance is what stole the whole show, with people cheering to his songs.

Which brings another question: Why is there a lack of support for local Hip Hop generally?

Is it the sound quality? Definitely no as most of the local rappers are mixing and mastering their music before they go in public.

Are local people sleeping on Hip Hop and focusing on house and Amapiano? Definitely no, as we can hear the likes of Cassper’s and AKA’s music banging on the streets.

Gang Green Gang performing in Phase 5 for The Gallery Tape Experience (March 2018)

So what is the problem with local Hip Hop? Are the event venues lacking support for the local rap game? Definetely no, as places like Jackbudha and LIV are constantly having Hip Hop events by local acts.

But fans’ support is dololo. This is the problem that challenges people to find a solution and only time will tell if indeed local Hip Hop do have a future mo kasi but the recording acts keep increasing every year.