Is Amapiano turning into vulgar genre?

There has been a lot of Amapiano songs released this year that consist of vulgar words and that has made many people question the future of the ever growing genre lyrically.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

So far in 2019 we can count many popular Amapiano songs that are full of vulgar words and that hasn’t turned out well with some of the genre’s fans.

Not only is the fans disapproving of the trend but also producers and DJs.

Songs like Kabza de Small’s Your Sheete, Music Fellas’ Bana Ba Motho, and Major League’s Skhaftin are some of the most vulgar songs released this year.

And some music makers are not impressed with the direction the lyricism the genre is taking.

DJ Toniq B wrote on Facebook of the new vulgar trend in the genre: “Amapiano needs to reevaluate its lyricism. We know that sex sells but you can’t just sing about it constantly.

“What message are you portraying to the youngsters? Are you simply saying that a kid singing arr ny*b*n*ng is relevant? Or cool?

“What you need to understand is that the moment your track leaves the studio, it’s no longer a project but business.”

DJ Sbu wako Tsakane, who is a member of Team Ziyawa also aired his opinion on the matter.

He wrote on his Facebook timeline: “Who told these producers and vocalists that (in order) to make it in the music industry you have to make a song with vulgar words?

Ya’ll are disappointing me. I just want to see South African music in the next coming 5 years. I see disaster shame. But anyways yetsang music.”