‘I knew it would be challenging,’ Trapper Hollic on his battle with Ekzotic Music

Mamelodi East based rapper Trapper Hollic took up a challenge with Ekzotic Music in the Catalogue for Catalogue battle on Thursday night.

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By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

During the national Lockdown every music fan gets even busier in front of their devices and World Of Hyenas created the Hip Hop online battles to entertain the music lovers.

Mamelodi based rappers Trapper Hollic and Ekzotic Music faced each other in one of the battles and the former lost due to votes by fans who were listening to their selections.

Trapper Hollic says he wasn’t taking it exactly as a battle as he believes in healthy competition.

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“I don’t feel like I lost because at the end of the day it was a healthy competition,” he told Mams Music Gallery. “In fact, Mamelodi Hip Hop won.

“I did enjoy the battle so much and I think other rappers should participate in order to keep the culture going.”

Trapper says even though he enjoyed the battle, he won’t be doing it again.

“It was a once off thing (for me),” he adds. “I chose Ekzotic because I knew it would be a challenging battle of which it was.

“Now it is time to give other rappers a chance too.”