Hyena Reviews: Mamelodi rapper Ash24

Hyena Reviews is a review movement for Mamelodi Hip Hop. This week they review Mamelodi based rapper Ash 24 as a HYENA OF THE WEEK.

By Hyena Reviews

Born and raised in Mamelodi, Ash 24 was inspired by Zola 7 and another inspiration to many 2pac shakur. Just like his inspirations he focuses on delivering true everyday story’s and messages from the hood.

Ash24 discovered his love for music in 1998 when he started rhyming and 2006 he chose to choose rap as a career path.

The game has been treating him well with appearances on former popular show jam alley with the first in 2009 and a international advert “TOTAL ROAD ADV MOVIE” which landed him his biggest pay cheques.


He was been working hard with 2 mixtapes and an E.P and more is to come from him as he is working on another E.P where you can expect a classic E.P with 10 tracks featuring the likes of Quick, Stanza, Shakez, With songs like “WHATYOUKNOW “, “FOREVER” F.t Stanza.

One of his favourite tracks on the E.P “COMMUNICATE ” F.t Quick which he dedicated the song to Chubby Women (Di’Dudla).

His favorites from Mamelodi include him, Mic man, Mathata, Shakez, Miss Dazzle and Big V . He would like to collaborate with rappers like Outies van Pitori -G.mash, Katz, Maphorisa, & Leleti Khumalo.

Good luck to Ash24 and we hope he achieves every artist’s ultimate goal.

NB: Not Mams Music Gallery original content. The article was submitted by Hyena Reviews.