Hyena Reviews: Hyena’s Den – K.O Entertainment

Hyena Reviews is a review movement for Mamelodi Hip Hop. This week they review K.O Entertainment in their Hyenas Den.

By Hyena Reviews

KO (Knock Out) Entertainment is an upcoming label based in Lusaka Mamelodi which started on 2017.

The east side wolfpack with an unique slogan We United By Passion. They mainly focus on supporting local artists with Recording, Knowledge about music and how the music business works.

Their main goal is to provide the best entertainment (Music, Events, Motivation, Dance) and most importantly giving people what they love and enjoy.

They currently have 9 artists (6 male and 3 female artists). Such artists are Royal Maps, Lady Dollar, La Blurry, KONAN, Sjiva Naitor, Kimberly The Rapper, Mr Wireless, L-Dizzle and Joung Riot.

“I feel great about KO Entertainment progress as we provide resources and knowledge without a 360 deal and we still seeking for more.” said the founder.

Artists like KONAN, Sjiva Naitor, Lady Dollar, Mr Wireless, Royal Maps are in the spotlight nowadays.

They are inspired by passion and love for music and in assisting local talented artists to reach its potential. There’s no one at the moment that KO Entertainment would like to sign.

“I see KO Entertainment going big and enriching minds by any means necessary and will boost more local talented artists with guidelines and resources and knowledge,” he added.

They have couple of projects dropping this summer. A song titled Life with the beat by Sjiva Naitor and another EP by Konan titled The Introduction. Dropping dates not yet announced.

They will also do a tour next year, The year 2020 as KO Entertainment. They say they will be aiming at making youth believe in their talent and also aiming at growing their music.

NB: Not Mams Music Gallery original content. The article was submitted by Hyena Reviews.