Hyena Reviews: Cheddar Flavored Records

Hyena Reviews is a review movement for Mamelodi Hip Hop. This week they review Cheddar Flavored Records in their Hyenas Den.

By Hyena Reviews

Cheddar Flavored Records is an upcoming label based in Lusaka Mamelodi which focuses mainly on support Artist Career with recordings, Building Profile and negotiating deals and also to understand how the music business works

They also give advice and counselling to artists who are still new in the game known by there slogan “The home of independent artist.”

They currently have 5 signed Artists and they boost with 50 artists in their artist club. Cheddar flavored is one of a few labels that give artists knowledge, resources and counseling without a 360 deal.

Currently the label has artist such as Sylvain, Reobecca, Terror, Young Alien and  UrbanTorch.
Inspired by seeking knowledge on how the Music business work and the founder wanted to protect artist work and money as he saw most of  the well known artists are cashless though they obtain fame and they retire broke.

He didn’t want to be ignorant as music is business and the purpose of business is to make money. The label is truly the home of independent artists.

As it doesn’t offer a 360 deal instead it offer artists flexible contract: an artist own 85% of their work as the label only takes 15% for production and programs they offer to artists.

The founder says “I feel like we are already living in the future and in a few coming years Cheddar Flavored Records will be having more Artist (1000) and will be shaping music Industry as a whole.”

It has already shown signs of being a label with stars that are promising like the Lusaka based rapper Sylvain with his track Holy Walk and the rapper that has been stirring attention lately Urban Torch.

We wish them good luck on they path to greatness.

NB: Not Mams Music Gallery original content. The article was submitted by Hyena Reviews.