How Team Delela balances music and work

Many may not be aware that the popular Amapiano duo Team Delela serves the public in both music entertainment and the police field work, something they make it seems as easy as a Grade 1 mathematics subject.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Known for their hit songs Ba Kae and Motoro, Team Delela (Nyabese Motubatse and Spice Chosane) are more than music makers.

The Pretoria based duo have been entertaining the amapiano music fans for over three years but many may not know that their heroes are not only performing on the stage week in and week out but also protecting the public in the police field around Pretoria.

The duo have released their debut album titled Ba Kae back in 2019 and they are planning on releasing another project named Pediyanos, according to their website

“Pediyanos is fusion of Amapiano and Pedi sound. It is 100% Sepedi language for all the songs,” a quote from their website reads.

When asked how they cope for releasing a number of songs and projects in a small space of time while working as cops, they say the pressure is there but they have to do what it needs to be done on both sides.

“We work normal hours (in the police) so after work we start to work on music,” Nyabese told Mams Music Gallery.

Their Pediyanos EP will be released on 1 August 2020 and will include songs like Motoro in which they have shot and released its music video to the public.

The duo had the message to send to their fans when it comes to the music they make.

Spice told Mams Music Gallery: “To our fans we love you guys. Your support give us powerful mind to make you dance.”

“Let us work together to fight this virus,” Nyabese concludes.