Gleneral: ‘l need to solidify my spot in the game’

Mamelodi East based rapper Gleneral released his second single for 2019 titled Die Ring Ting Tong and plans on releasing more music.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

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Gleneral, a member of Makhi Konnect duo that also include Mr Sneed, is not looking to cool down as he has just dropped a second single in 2019.

His first song this year was a controversial diss song aimed at Boy Peza titled Ihlanya. The song divided the rap industry of Mamelodi, with Gleneral claiming that Peza disrespected him.

But the My Love rapper has never responded with his own song. When asked if his beef with Boy Peza has ended, Gleneral didn’t hold back. “Nah. I’m only getting started.”

Now Gleneral has released his second track Die Ring Ting Tong and says the song is a street song and that he looks to solidify his spot in the rap game.

DOWNLOAD: Gleneral – Die Ring Ting Tong

He tells Mams Music Gallery: “The song is a street song and it speaks of my position in the rap game. l feel like l need to solidify my spot in the game hence l went this root.

“(The song) was produced by Nano Jinx. He made the beat and produced the actual song. He’s one amazing young producer.”

“I’m planning to release a song every month because l feel like people know me as a musician but they don’t have music to attach to (me as) the artist. So this year it is going to rain.”