Ekzotic Music says he enjoyed battling Trapper Hollic on the Catalogue for Catalogue battles

Ekzotic Music performing at Baskbay One Time 2019

World Of Hyenas called up Ekzotic Musiq and Trapper Hollic for an online battle on Thursday night and the Oga rapper says he enjoyed exchanging music with Trapper.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

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On Saturday night Trapper Hollic and Ekzotic Music went head to head in a 6-round battle and the latter came up on top.

Fans were the judges of the battle when the two cats delivered some of their top hits for the battle.

When asked how was the experience and going all out to be voted the winner, Ekzotic says he was proud to battle Trapper Hollic.

“Trapper is one of the best in the hood so ‘winning’ the battle against him makes me feel certain that the music I make is on the right track and that is just about it and nothing more to it to be honestly honest with the people, supporters and fans,” he told Mams Music Gallery.

“Trapper is top ten at the block. Me and I are the most energetic performers I know. We are all inspired by Riky Rick on that so battling  or exchanging catalogue with someone whom can shake up the crowd as much is something I enjoyed.”

The Mamelodi West based rapper adds that Trapper and Him are colleagues and wasn’t exactly ‘battling.’

“We (both) make good music. I just enjoyed the exchange in music. I definetely have a new playlist now,” he continued.