Ekzotic Music on his upcoming album: ‘It’s a special project’

Ekzotic Music will be releasing his debut album this year and the Mamelodi West based rapper promise his fans a special project.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Ekzotic, real name Mondli Makamo, has couple of projects under his belt since turning professional having released his 2015’s The Melanin mixtape and 2017’s YBWBD EP.

In 2018 he released a number of singles including the now trending Oga, produced by Twizi Deep.

The rapper now has his eyes set on releasing a debut album later this year, something that he says is a special project that has countless of messages inside.

Ekzotic Music performing at Shuffle Music birthday celebration. (Photo credit: Mams Music Gallery)

Ekzotic told Mams Music Gallery: “I am working on a project. It’s going to be on delay because my laptop was stolen. I had to start over from the beats to lyrics and studio time.

“This one is going to be an official album. I have great features like Zoocci Coke Dope, J Cloud and Thibe da King.

“The name of the album will be The Seed. That is my life right now on a personal level. I started everything on the ground. I had to get inside of me to consult my higher self. I had to consult God to help me become the better of myself.

“I realized that there are too many bridge that I have burned unaware. I wasn’t aware that I was this jerk, this arse-hole. I  was going through the heaviest depression ever and people din’t know that.

“I didn’t tell anyone about it because I used to hide it. I didn’t want people to have that access to me.”

The Oga rapper adds that this album is going to talk about lot of things affecting a lot of young people. He says it addresses depression, failure, love that had gone wrong and right, relationship with God and things that contribute to making life, good and bad.

“People who have seen the bad side of me, are now about to see the good side of me. Vise versa,” He confesses.

“Working with Team Work Media (his new management company) has shown me no matter how big you are, you are still a human being like everyone else. I went to trips with the team including Afrikan Roots and all these guys are really big. But they are so humble.

“They respect one another and everybody else. That contributed to helping me realize that being a celebrity doesn’t mean be difficult to people. People must relate to you.”

Mondli says that he has changed and found himself after being labelled arrogant by most local artists and fans: “I have found my purpose. I want to help people become the better versions of themselves through my upcoming album.

“I would also like to release features before I drop the album. If there is some local artist who would love to work with me, this is the right time to work and help each other.

“The business side of things should be considered but they should know that I am open for features. It is not about the money but about the project.”

He concludes that people should expect the music video of Oga that is going to drop soon as the video is almost done.