EDITOR’S CORNER: Amapiano is not a visitor, it has been here

When something good comes out of an unlikely place, there will always be doubt and doubters. There has been a lot of questions whether Amapiano is visiting the spotlight just like many genres did in the past. But these questions are overrated.

Amapiano has been around for a long time. We have been dancing to Amapiano for years. The fact that the tempo has changed from around 122 or 125 BPM to 115 BPM or 118 BPM does not mean it is not the same genre.

Old skul Kwaito was based on slow jam tempo and new age Kwaito was based on the same tempo as House music.

The likes of Big Nuz, Tira and Professor produced award winning Kwaito hits that were running from between 120 BPM and 126 BPM. And no body doubted the Kwaito DNA inside those songs.

Why now that Amapiano has shifted its own tempo we get this ridiculous question of ‘is Amapiano just a trend and will fade away?’

Last time I checked, a trend is something that comes and go faster like the world fastest train The ALFA-X from Japan. A trend is temporary, but a amapiano was, is and will always be permanent.

Some people also had the guts to say the sounds of Amapiano are different from that of Bacardi or Diphala (Sghubu sa Pitori). The fact that some sounds were modified do not mean it is a different genre.

Old skul Kwaito from he likes of Zola, Spikiri and Mandoza do not have exact sounds of new Kwaito from the likes of Professor, Big Nuz and Tira.

We may call this genre Amapiano but the style and vibe is the same as those legendary Pretorian style of house music.

Spice of Team Delela recently told MMG: “The genre has been around for over 20 years. We called it Sghubu sa Pitori or Bacardi. Just that now the tempo has been decreased but it is the same genre. And it only got famous now. It will never die.”

In his exclusive interview with MMG in January 2018, Nyico Loco added: ” It is Bacardi. Even though it is going to be called Amapiano but originally the music is Pretoria born and it is Bacardi.”

I couldn’t agree more. The fact that our producers are using more of a piano than any other instrument doesn’t mean is not the same genre.

The fact that the genre is now national doesn’t mean it is a trend. No. It was here, it is here and it will always be here.

Personally I won’t entertain the question of ‘who came up with Amapiano style or whatever, because it is a ridiculous question created by people who sees Amapiano as one of those temporary genres. Which is not true.

Let me add that Mams Music Gallery is conducting a poll of Amapiano on this website. We are asking the question whether Amapiano must be considered as its own genre, house sub-genre or Kwaito genre.

The reason for this poll is because the South African Music Awards has included the Amapiano genre under one category with Kwaito and Gqom, as we have witnessed from Team Mosha’s nomination in 2018.

We want to hear your view on this one and please head out to the sidebar or fan page of this website to cast your vote.

As of 13 May 2019 10am, 100 out of 147 votes are in favour of Amapiano been its own genre. You can also participate in this poll. The poll will close on the 30th of June 2019.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch our brand new YouTube show called The Lockdown Show with DJ La Kasi that talks about the beauty and development of the Pretoria music. The show started showing on Thursday 9 May 2019 and will continue to air every Thursday. You can watch the first episode here.

Until next week, CHEERS

Ronald DK Nchabeleng (Editor In Chief)