Dr Lamondro: ‘I Live The Music Life’

With his debut EP titled Appreciation EP already out, Dr Lamondro promises more music in the amapiano industry.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Amapiano producer Dr Lamondro is known as a dedicated hard worker when it comes to music. The humble DJ says he enjoys working with people in the music industry.

“I live the music life and nothing else,” he tells Mams Music Gallery. “I am versatile when it comes to production and I do not limit myself.”

Lamondro has since released his debut project named Appreciation EP in November 2019.

The DJ has been dropping appreciation mixtapes before releasing the EP and confesses that he planned on releasing Appreciation Mixtape 010 until his management advised him otherwise.

“My management told me to release this EP of the remixes. It is my first project,” he said.

“On the project I only worked with C-Soul Makine on the Bamb’Ikhanda remix. The rest of the remixes I worked on them myself.”

Dr Lamondro on decks (Photo: Supplied)

Appreciation EP is not only the first and last project of 2019 from the Get Down maker as he looks to release yet another EP before the turn of 2020.

“The next EP I will be releasing is called Recognized EP,” he says. “The release date is not yet set but I am hoping it will be released later this year.

“I worked with the likes of Music Fellas, C-Soul Makine, DJ Obza, Sir Hit-Man, Leko Deep, Mandisa Kay and Jozlina.”

Dr Lamondro promotes his upcoming Recognized EP