Deej Ratiiey: ‘Amaya is a tribute to her’

Since leaving Ubuntu Brothers, Deej Ratiiey has been releasing non-stop music and his latest debut album Amaya was dedicated to his addition to the family.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

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When Deej Ratiiey left Ubuntu Brother group at the end of 2019, he then told Mams Music Gallery that his “efforts weren’t being noticed.

“Most of the things I attended alone like gigs and radio station interviews. I had to lie to interviewers that the person who accompanied me was an Ubuntu Brothers member.

“I ended up getting bored because most of the times I was the only person organizing serious things. That’s when I realized I should work on my own brand name and see what happens.”

Now the producer has released his debut album titled Amaya after numerous singles and compilation songs.

Ratiiey also released two EPs in K.O.A and K.O.A II before dropping Amaya album.

“Amaya is my first born (child) so the album is basically a tribute to her.”

On working with artists on the album the DJ says some of the featured musicians are giving him a hard time.

Deej Ratiiey (Photo: Supplied)

When asked how was the experience working with some of the artists featured in the album, he didn’t mince his words.

“I can say it is good and not good on the other hand. Why not good is because some of the producers that I featured are back-stabbing me with the tracks on the album.

“That’s one of the reasons why I titled the last track Poltroon (coward). Nevertheless others were extremely good. I am planning to work with them again in the near future.”

On why he releases so many songs in a space of time, he says he did some self introspection.

“I did some self introspective regarding production so all the locked tunes that I made are going to be released so that I can start with a new style and new goals.

“I will also be focusing on my studies.”