Bugzito then and now musically

After countless music releases over the years, Pretoria based rapper Bugzito is a man who constantly make you demand more of his music.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

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Though currently more of a family man, Bugzito haven’t stopped releasing lyrically rich music.

Identity Crises (2016)was my first independent album,” he tells Mams Music Gallery.

“But my overall first project was a twelve-track Goza The Opener which was released around 2011. I was still at varsity. To Goza is to break things like door locks. So the whole idea was to break into the industry with force. Even its artwork speak for itself.

“After that I released a five-track EP called Hostile Music. It was me venting my bitter emotions. It was released in 2018 on my birthday; 16 July.”

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Bugzito and ZimkithA in the music video of Suta

When asked who is Bugzito then and now musically, he didn’t disappoint to give his inner self.

“Bugzito now is a married and family man,” he says. “I am a father of two. I am more within a family space. Musically now I think more. It is not easy now to go to the studio and talk about how you come from a fun place and people were twerking and stuff. The first things that I think about is that I have two daughters. I must set an example to them.

“I am thoughtful of how I act, what I say, what I listen to and what I watch on TV. That affects how I write now. I now want to write music on a responsible point of view. I started this process since my first daughter was born in 2012 and I cannot say I am good at it but I try.

“We men like to verbally abuse women. I was always surrounded by women when growing up. But as guys we get influenced by certain questionable things on the streets but we don’t question them. We accept them and when we grow up and have two daughters, those things come back. This is where I am right now.”

He says he is finally doing what he always wanted to do. He adds that he liked Kwaito a lot and ended up rapping.

“But now I am doing music that has Kwaito elements and heavily Pitori influenced. It also allows me to rap on the songs.

“I am a rap musician because I rap on music either Hip Hop, Kwaito, Bacardi or House. All I do is rap. I found my sound. To fuse Hip Hop with Spantsula.”