‘Boy Peza has been disrespectful to me’ – Gleneral

Gleneral (Photo supplied)

It seems the beef between Gleneral and Boy Peza has been boiling for ages and the former has cleared the air about this issue, 24 hours after releasing the diss track for Mokakathi titled Ihlanya.

The first weekend of March 2019 has seen the beef between Boy Peza and Gleneral disclosed in public and it seems the issue between the two rappers has been in the cooking from way back.

Gleneral released a diss track for Boy Peza on Sunday night after the Tjwelela rapper accused him of lack of rap skills.

Boy Peza Mokakathi

When asked about the diss track, Gleneral told Mams Music Gallery that their beef started way back in high school days.

“Boy Peza has been disrespectful to me from back in high school when we used to attend at Phateng High School,” Gleneral told MMG.

“There was a point where me and his crew had an altercation and they caught an L, ever since then he has been bothering my peace so l had to put him at his place.

“And l had to respond using my rhyme skills since he says l can’t rap.”

Gleneral adds that he is ready to respond to the My Love rapper if he decides to release his own diss track.

Gleneral continues: “I’m definitely going to respond. As a matter of fact, we can go on every day all day. And l would make use of any opportunity I get to make him suffer.”