Boy Peza clears the air regarding his beef with Russianoh and Gleneral

Legendary rapper Boy Peza was a victim from two rappers in Russianoh and Gleneral in the past couple of weeks and the Mamelodi East based musician says he is not moved.

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When Russianoh publicly attacked few rappers including Boy Peza few weeks ago, it was a shock to the Mamelodi Hip Hop industry.

Russianoh claimed the rappers were using him in his music career and that he got fed up and he will no longer tolerate their presence.

The recent developments has seen Gleneral releasing a diss track for Boy Peza after the latter claimed the Makhi Connekt member has no rap skills.

Boy Peza Mokakathi Mrapper

Although Gleneral told Mams Music Gallery that his beef with the former Red Tape Records artist started way back in their high school days, the diss track titled Ihlanya is more of a deep and personal attack on Peza.

But the Mfana Pitori rapper says he is not moved and will not respond to either of the rappers.

“I haven’t heard the diss track (from Gleneral) and I don’t have time for it,” Mokakathi Mrapper told MMG. “I don’t have time for kids. He wants to get famous with my name.

“I won’t entertain these things. But they will see what I will do at the end. And in terms of Russianoh, he is just a poor kid.

“I have never heard someone making a noise about Russianoh. Some of us when we release a track, it trends the whole place.

“When someone is not on your level, you don’t play with him. If it was Wiz Beatz I would understand. I would respond to Wiz’s diss track.

“But you cannot fight an Elephant when you are a Pit Pull dog,” concluded the Skorokoro Sa Uncle rapper.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng