Bonzalez: ‘July EP is for the human heart and soul’

Bonezee Bonzalez released his debut project July EP last month of July and the work done by the Mamelodi East based musician is of utmost best.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When Bonzalez announced that he will be releasing an EP, many expected the project to be a Hip Hop one as he is known as a rapper around the streets of Mamelodi and Pretoria.

But the July EP proved to be a totally different direction for the Ngihambile hit maker.

Though many Hip Hop fans expected a rap project, the EP is even better with Afro Pop songs that will take you to another level of music experience.

The July EP was released on the 24 of July 2020 and contain seven songs.

“I was born on the 16th of July 1989 hence I called my debut EP July,” he told Mams Music Gallery when asked about the reason behind the name of the EP.

“July is the 7th month and 7 is my lucky number which stands for perfection. That is why I made sure there are 7 songs on the EP because July is perfection.

“This is my debut project as a musician. I almost released Mbyana Kona Mixtape in 2013 but it was held back.

“Also in 2019 Love Pyramid was supposed to drop but my hunger for perfection made me reserve it. July is my first baby.”

When pressed why he decided to release the Pop project besides the fact that he is well known as a rapper, he says that his music making sees no age nor genre.

The award winning musician adds: “In 1999 I started listening to Jazz music and people told me I am too young for that genre. Well I said it is all about how and what you feel when you hear the music.

“My target market is the human heart and soul irregardless of the age. July EP is made for everyone who connects with it but there are explicit lyrics on certain songs which needs parental guidance. Otherwise July EP is for everyone.”

All songs in the project were produced by Phoenix Flamee (real name Rofhiwa Mononde) and they were recorded at God Level Studios.

Bonzalez continues: “I featured Skrypta Knight on the first song of the EP entitled Elevate.

“Track number 5 I have featured Phoenix Flamee on a song entitled Mbulali and last song I have featured N-Jay and Mickenah Tafari on a song entitled Thinking of you.”

July EP pictures where taken By Theo of HipKrit. Bonezee Bonzalez logo is designed by ChefSkho Vusumuzi Sikhosana.

The July EP is out on all digital stores world wide and can be purchased or stream by visiting here.