‘Beat Farm didn’t push me enough’ – G Coin on his leaving

G Cooin on a video shoot (Photo: Repent Media)

Rapper G Coin has left the Uptown record label Beat Farm and he says he wasn’t impressed on how they handled his music career.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

G Coin, real name Siyabonga Nkosi, has been part of the Uptown Beat Farm label since its inception in 2016 but claims he felt sidelined.

In fact, G Coin was the first ever artist to be signed under the label that is founded by Elias ‘Sparo’ Sibiya who later joined by Brian ‘Influe Ghost’ Molobela as his co-owner.

But now the rapper has left the label, claiming that he wasn’t promoted enough and that ‘the label gave new artists more attention than me.’

G Cooin on a video shoot (Photo: Repent Media)

He exclusively told Mams Music Gallery: “I left Beat Farm early this year (2019) in January and I wanted to leave the label last year November but I couldn’t because I wanted to drop MONEY HATRED AND PAIN (single) which I wrote back in 2016 with Cool T. I was held back by the track not to leave.

“Reason why I left the label it’s because I felt unfairly treated lately and because the shareholder of Beat Farm (Influe Ghost) was not impressed with my singing skills.

“I was unfairly treated in a way that some artists would be treated differently from me, they would be pushed and get more interviews than me and when I asked why is that all I was told was ‘wait for your time, your time will come’ so I waited just to be interviewed for over a year and when other artists got signed they would get more attention from the management than me.

“I felt like there was favoritism in there. Sparo’s partner was not impressed by my singing skills. Whenever I try to sing he was like ‘Bro stick to rap cause singing is not for you. I was very discouraged at that time but I had to let it go since I don’t hold grudges.”

G Coin adds that even though he left the stable, he is still on good terms with them. He adds: “Me and Beat Farm are on good terms. A various of people asked me why didn’t I pitch at the MMA’s (Mamelodi Music Awards) and my answer was simple: ‘Beat Farm management didn’t give me my ticket to the awards and their reason was that I’m no longer a Beat Farm member and the tickets belong to Beat Farm’ so yeah I’m not going to say much but this is what happened.”

When contacted for comment, Sparo said that the only reason he is aware of for G Coin departing was that the rapper wanted to work on his cousin’s new record label.

Said Sparo: “Coin wanted to quit last year after his cousin opened a studio but couldn’t because the studio was not running yet. He can give his own explanation because I got a call coming from Influe telling me about G Coin.”

Mams Music Gallery didn’t manage to get the comment from Influe by the time this article was published.

After leaving the label, G Coin has released his debut project, Velvet Her EP, in late March of 2019 and says he says he felt free to record the project outside of Beat Farm.

The EP was recorded at Justent Music, a label that is owned by Mbongz Gaba.

G Coin continues: “I have to say it was a very nice experience to go outside and record on another studio because I felt free. I wasn’t pressurized and no one forced me to do what I can’t do.

“I thank Mbongeni (Mbongz) for allowing me to record at his studio. I’m thankful for his assistance and contribution to my EP. The Velvet Her EP is specially made for my ex girlfriend which our relationship ended on the wrong foot.

“Well the EP was produced by me, Mbongeni and KayCee. I had to involve these two guys so that my work doesn’t sound the same.”