‘Aow Maan Tour is still alive’

In the past few months rumors began circulating that the Aow Maan Tour movement is no longer active but the members confirm it is still much alive.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When Aow Maan Tour was established in February of 2018 it made big waves around the city of Pretoria.

The crew was made up of vocalists Sisters on Vocals (SOV), Deej Ya Mang as its DJ and photographer Tshiamo Makhubedu.

Over one year later the waves began to slow down and speculations were formed that the movement is dying a slow death.

But that is not what the members are saying.

Aow Maan Tour members (Deej Ya Mang, SOV, Tshiamo)

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Mams Music Gallery got in touch with Aow Maan Tour founder Deej Ya Mang who confirmed that the crew is still together.

“Aow Maan Tour is still there,” Ya Mang says. “SOV excused themselves and we haven’t talked about why they left the team.

“But Tshiamo and I have remained behind and still pushed the movement.

“As the founder and leader of the movement I had to push it like no body’s business. As a leader you need to lead.

“If the people under you start to flop and stuff like that, you need to stay strong and keep on pushing.

“But we are fixing it (SOV returning) underground. We are still working on what is happening because they came and spoke to me to fix things. We are still working on it.”

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SOV member Lesego Kganyago also confirmed to Mams Music Gallery that they are still part of the crew.

She adds: “Yeah we are still together. It is just that it has been long since we worked on similar projects.

“We had a misunderstanding but we are still in the movement.”

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