Young Leaders: ‘The movement is all about art’

The year 2018 has seen the formation of a movement called Young Leaders that consists of young art players from around the township of Mamelodi and 2019 has seen the rise of the group.

As the name says it all, the group is full of young passionate artists who are involved in music, graphics, visuals and many more art elements.

They have already visited around seven local schools, spreading their talent to the school kids around the East of the township.

Talking exclusively to Mams Music Gallery, the founder and Chairman of the movement Manqoba ‘S-Kay’ Chambale says that Young Leaders is more than entertainment as it also contains drug awareness among the youth of Mamelodi.

Young Leaders Chairman S-Kay and Deputy Chairman Trapper Hollic performing at school (Photo: YL)


The group, as of 12 March 2019, has 36 members across the art department, with 25 of those being female members.

S-Kay said: “We started early this year in February. So far we attended seven schools and we want to visit sixty seven schools. We call it a 67 school tour. We are going with school terms so we are now preparing for the second school term.

“We are happy with our progress so far as we believe our messages are been delivered. We give young people opportunities to showcase their skills. The movement consists of upcoming artists but we also scout other talented artists.

“We have been asking for (performance) slots at the events with no luck and now we are creating that platform for ourselves and also for the kids who are desperate. We don’t need those who are already on top. We need artists who are always looking at themselves in the mirror.”

The chairman went further by adding that besides the school tours, they are organizing the main event for the movement on the 16th of March 2019 at Nkandla (Uncle’s place) in Lusaka, Mamelodi East.

According to the Chairman, the core reason for the formation of the movement was to create drugs awareness among young people.

Young Leaders Deputy Chairman Trapper Hollic chilling with the kids (Photo: Mams Music Gallery)

When asked whether they will keep these values on and off the stage, Deputy Chairman Karabo ‘Trapper Hollic’ Tshehla says it is one of their missions to make sure the Young Leaders’ members lead by example.

“The reason we do this thing is because we don’t do drugs. There is a saying out there that says rappers smoke but we don’t smoke.

“Most artists do smoke but us as the Young Leaders we don’t.”

The Chairman S-Kay do admits that some of their members are smoking and also posting smokes on social media platforms.

“We have different personalities in the group. We won’t change their personalities. But we are monitoring everyone.”

Timothy ‘DJ Fix’ Baile, who is also the movement’s DJ and photographer, says that since they have more female members than male, the ladies do help them with marketing.

“They (ladies) help us a lot. On the social medias they play their part a lot. They are important to the movement.”

Some of Young Leaders members (Photo: YL)

Besides the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Photographer, Young Leaders also have its own manager and MC in Thapelo Phasha, Executive Director and Treasurer Chris, Graphic Designer SLIM Vett and transport manager Mxolisi Mahlangu who is also a beat maker and producer.

The movement says that people shouldn’t worry about the lack of their presence in other parts of Mamelodi as they agreed to start at the east side of Mamelodi before visiting other areas and also covering as far as Gauteng province as a whole.

Trapper Hollic continues: “The support we get from schools is too much. The kids are happy. Some of them want our return to their schools.”

“We will visit west of Mamelodi in the next term,” adds DJ Fix. The movement also say any person who have the ambitions is welcome to join, as long as they will contribute to the group and help it grow.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng