We talk to organizers and judges about this Saturday’s Kasi DJ Battle: ‘We are looking for skills and flair from contestants’

A fresh hope is been delivered to upcoming and ambitious DJs who would like to be recognized for their talents when it comes to DJing. The first annual Kasi DJ Battle is here to give hope and a chance for a deserved recognition, all happening this Saturday 3 March in Eesterust.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When the event was announced months ago, MMG was anxious to learn more about this great initiative. Not only MMG but the rest of young and up coming DJs who are always overlooked because of their lack of visibility.

But that is about to change, as Key Elements and RobDeep Music presents the first annual Kasi DJ Battle to be held in Eesterust, Pretoria.

“We saw a gab in our community and have seen so many events hosted and the talented DJs are not given a chance to play and let the ‘chance takers’ a platform before they are friends,” one of the organizers, Katlego Mandalain told MMG.

“Due to this, the talented ones are not really exposed and they will end up just behind closed doors. We decided on this type of event and would like to see the talent and open event to anybody from any hood (township), culture and background who would like to be known.

“The event is open to any genre. If you feel that your strong point is reggae music or traditional music then so be it. The judging criteria is from mixing skills and technicality.”

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But what would the judges look for from contesting DJs? The judge panel are consistent in what they are looking to see and witness from the DJs who will be gunning for the number one spot.

Louis Lunch told MMG: “We are looking for skill, flair, crowd interaction and control. Also track selection, consistency and mixing.”

“Proper track selection and mixing,” said Sasa. Hip Hop seasoned mixing master, DJ Ya Mang (Nqoobi) also added his expectations: “Skills, track selection, mixing, timing and know how to catch people’s attention.”

Dzi of Team Percussion also shared what he expects from the ambitious DJs: “They must be able to express a different style. Something new. People should be able to express something new, not what is already in this game. If you say you play new age music, what is new about you because everyone plays new age music? It needs to be something different. Something not only to us judges but to people who will be there.

“It has to be your timing and track selection you know? How you approach us and how you going to use your time. How you can shake up things in a different manner. Not similar to what the DJ before you played. You have to learn to be different.”

We also got the word from RobDeep Music about what the DJs must do: “Style, uniqueness and climax. I want to see the DJs who are determined to DJ. The DJ must know what s/he is doing. You can deliver a track. That is still the equipment but you need to bring the track into the dance floor. It is more about composure and how the DJs conduct themselves.”

Katlego concluded with some motivation for the DJs who are willing to battle it out with other DJs live on the dance floor. He said: “DJs do not need to fear anything. They must be free and comfortable. Their bedroom DJ is over. Kom ons sien wie slaan wet, maak jouself ‘n jou ma tros.”


The battle will be held in Eersterust Eatery (Afval se Street) on the 3rd of March 2018. Limited pre-sale tickets are costing R60 with the entrance costing R100 at the gate for the whole night. Ladies will be allowed to enter for free until 21:00. Cooler box will be charged R50 and Hubbly Bubbly will be allowed for free.


The judges and line up will consist of the following talented DJs:

Louis Lunch SA, Calvin Fallo, Deej Ya Mang,  LiquidMetsi (Tswhane FM & 012 Entertainment), RobDeep Music, Dzi & Cooper (Team Percussion), Byron Leroy, LK DeepStiX (Disciples of Deep).

Guest DJ will be Kabza De Small.

Contestants that wishes to participant with the battle to get an entry form or wish to purchase a ticket please contact the following:
Eersterust Eatery (At the venue self)
Ma Vee: 074 914 3239 or 072 345 9712
Steven: 084 810 2337 or 060 426 1926
Jade: 062 323 1602

Food and Drinks will be sold at the venue, don’t forget your camp chairs and hubbly bubbly.