Turbo T’s Birthday Celebration was a success

Turbo T hosted his second annual birthday celebration over the weekend at Uncle B’s place and the event was considered a success by many attendees.

By Njabulo Skhosana

Turbo T’s  first annual birthday celebration was first held last year on the 13th of January 2018 at Hinterland (Khutsong).

That edition event was presented by Shmlssrebls Events and had the likes of Deej Momo, Deej Ya Mang and many more entertaining the crowd.

“As per usual I started getting stress as many Djs did not come and the venue had electricity issues which was later resolved and as time we on it was a success,” said Turbo T about the 2018 edition of his birthday.

StarBoy de MC, Parisha de MC and birthday boy Turbo T


Guest DJ Momo making the most

The second annual birthday celebration was held on the 2nd of February 2019 at Uncle B`s Place (Nkandla) in Lusaka, Mamelodi East.

This time the event was presented by TM Melodies and Shmlssrebls Events and lined up the likes of Deej Nay, Que Deep, and Deej Momo returning for the second year running.

“From the experience I gained from the last one, everything went smoothly and the track that made my night is Baby Are You Coming by Que Deep,” Turbo T added.

“The way the management of Uncle B`s place was impressed with my event, I was even proposed with a position of being the event organizer within the venue,” he concluded.

The event was supported by Three Drop photography, Back out clothing brand, Shmlssrebls, Plaudits clothing brand, Trap Cafe, Mr. Stones music and Mophix Deep from TM Melodies.