The real reasons why Deej Ya Mang and Ekzotic Music left the Young Leaders movement

The new movement called Young Leaders is filling up the local schools week in week out and has been officially running for over two months but some of the oldest members like Deej Ya Mang and Ekzotic Music have already left the group.

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Young Leaders is a new movement that consists of young artists from around the township of Mamelodi and has different elements of art inside from music to graphics and visuals.

The movement is chaired by fellow musician Manqoba ‘S-Kay’ Chambale with Karabo ‘Trapper Hollic’ Tshehla as his second in command.

The likes of Deej Ya Mang and Ekzotic Music have been with the movement since its first school tour back in February but have both left the group.

Young Leaders Chairman S-Kay and Deputy Chairman Trapper Hollic performing at school (Photo: YL)

The Chairman S-Kay told Mams Music Gallery that the movement consist of upcoming artists who are not employed and they should all contribute to the growth of the movement, something that Ya Mang and Ekzotic didn’t bother to put in mind.

S-Kay said: “Look, if the speaker gets damaged, we must fix it because these speakers are been landed to us and they are been used every weekend.

“So people didn’t contribute. Another thing are the rules of the organization. If you don’t attend the three consecutive meetings you must be excluded from the movement. They didn’t even bother.

“Since we have started the organization, they have not been attending meetings. So we want people to take us serious.”

Ekzotic Music performing at Shuffle Music birthday celebration. (Photo: Mams Music Gallery)

When contacted for comment, Ekzotic did confirm that he is no longer part of the movement and also explained that due to him being unemployed, it was harder for him to attend meetings in Mamelodi East whereby he stays in Mamelodi West.

Ekzotic says: “Look, I want to thank the guys for getting us on the program. But it was an expense going to East then back to West every time.

“What happened was that we were failing to attend important meetings. It is not easy to get money and we (Ya Mang and Ekzotic) felt like this whole thing was centered that side (Mamelodi East).

“We have our own commitments so the money has to be segmented into different things. The guys didn’t understand that because we did talk about this. But they (Young Leaders) acted fast. They felt like they are doing so much for us and we are not doing so much for them.

“But it is okay. I understand. It is business. It is not personal. We are not in bad terms with them. They (Trapper Hollic and S-Kay) are the founders and are in the position to do whatever they want to do. But there is something on the pipelines from Ya Mang and myself that we are still planning to do.”

Deej Ya Mang was also contacted for comment bur made it clear that he is not yet ready to comment on the issue.

The movement also confirmed that fellow Boy Peza was also excluded from the group due to lack of meeting attendances.

Young Leaders will be hosting their first major event this Saturday at Nkandla (Uncle B’s place) in the East side of Mamelodi.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng