Nyico Loco and Sfubanation to drop Matwetwe song Asoskie this Friday

Locomotive members Nyico Loco and Sfubanation are set to finally drop Asoskie song this Friday 15 March 2019, the song that was featured on the popular movie Matwetwe.

The song was one of the local songs that were featured on the record breaking Matwetwe movie.

Matwetwe is one of few South African films that dominated the screens of our local cinemas when it was released in late January 2019.

The film talks about the drug, Matwetwe, and consists of majority of Pretoria based actors, something that relates to the Locomotive family as they are also residing in the capital city of the country.

It is a song that has a mixture of Bacardi and Hip Hop and and it portraits the real life happenings.

“Asoskie speaks about a girl that lives a double life,” the duo told Mams Music Gallery. “She is a Christian during the day but a party animal at night.”

The duo add that when they were doing this record, it was an experiement of Mamelodi Bacardi and Hip Hop at the same time and that they are happy it made it to the Matwetwe film.

“The song fell in the right hands of Kagiso Lediga (Matwetwe creator) and Black Coffee (Matwetwe executive producer),” they continues. “Tomorrow (Friday) is a chance for people to also own this song. Like we say ‘ASOSKIE KE BOTHATA.”

Asoskie will be released on Friday 15 March 2019 and the song will also be found on this website for download.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng