Musicians throw doubt over ‘controversial’ Cheddar Flavored Records music deal

On Tuesday Mamelodi based record label Cheddar Flavored Records went our of their way to introduce what they call ‘new dawn’ in the local music industry but their efforts were met with mixed responses from local musicians.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When Cheddar Flavored Records‘ post was published on our Facebook page on the 12th of February, many musicians believed the deal was a controversial one and that the record label wants to reap artists off.

The deal was that the artists will have to pay a registration fee and also offer monthly fees in order for them to be offered a record deal, shot music videos and also perform at the label’s two major annual events.

But that deal wasn’t satisfying for artists who threw their opinions and feelings out for them to be known.

Mamelodi Music Award 2019 nominee and rapper Mayne said that “That’s a rip off. They a’int better than the devil. We just gonna laugh, this should be paying artists not artists paying whatever it is.”

Another rapper Gleneral said that the deal was a ‘scam’ to the artists: “I hope none of us is that desperate. Straight talk. Watch someone fall for this scam. People are ignorant.”

Rivo M Da Deep added that “They ain’t serious and how come we pay for our own registration? Khan who wants artists & producers?”

Cheddar Flavored Records responded by saying “to those who are still worried if were are a scam or we are real Just wait and see and you will tell you friends and family about the Cheddar Flavored Records soon.”

Cheddar Flavored Records artists Nazzneen and T.toniQ

Mams Music Gallery got in touch with the founder of the label, Ntebatse Lekalakala who made it clear that they believe in their efforts to raise the standard of the local music industry.

“If I entertain people’s fears and doubts I won’t achieve anything,” said Lekalakala who is also known as SlowMotionz. “My goal is to help and groom artists.

“I am based in Mamelodi and I am looking forward to add value in my people. I am investing a lot and I will only invest on artists who will add value to my investment.”