Musicians talk about the alleged Amapiano beef between Pheli and Mams

The last couple of weeks showed cracks of alleged beef that seems to have been present for a long time between Amapiano industry of Atteridgeville / Phelindaba and Mamelodi.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Pretoria is the Capital City of South Africa and the townships between the city must naturally unite.

But there seems to be a huge problem between musicians in the city: A beef that have allegedly been present for years.

What brought the beef in the spotlight was a well documented online argument between Team Mosha and GPG Wa Pitori.

Mamelodi based house group Team Mosha at Nellmapius Community Hall

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GPG had originally claimed that his hit song Selo Sela wasn’t supposed to be included in Team Mosha’s album.

Team Mosha member MRD claimed that “this thing ya Pheli le Mamelodi is getting out of hand. It seems mense ba nyaka go tsoga ka rena mo strateng

Upon investigating what MRD meant by saying ‘this thing,’ we found out that there is a possibility of a huge beef or hate among the amapiano musicians between the two townships.

Thomas Spice of amapiano group Afro Therapy that is based in Pheli agrees that “we are not united. I think jealousy is the problem.

“What I heard from the artists (from Pheli), they like to say ‘I made a hit song and I want Mams to hear it from me.

Pheli based amapiano group Afro Therapy at Xolie X joint, Mamelodi East

Fellow Amapiano producer Rodger KB also agrees that there is something that is not adding up between the two sections of Tshwane.

He told Mams Music Gallery: “I think there is no unity. These guys are friends among themselves. I saw that Team Mosha and GPG are not in good terms now. And some from Pheli. These guys are boring.

“You media people must do something. I don’t know what the reason behind this beef is. Maybe one is trying to prove that their Kasi is good than others.”

Mellow Soul, a Mamelodi based producer and DJ, seems to know what the solution must be.

He added: “Lack of funds to link up and make a song. We must trust each other with projects which are sent online. Not knowing each other may be the problem.

“What needs to happen is a neutral place where producers can get together and focus on the music.”

Mamelodi based house duo Team Ziyawa at Nellmapius

Team Ziyawa member Sbu wako Tsakane disagrees with the whole thing of a beef between Pheli and Mams as he says they work well with Pheli artists.

“I think we are united because we do work with the guys from Pheli. I believe those who are not united they feel big. That’s why.”

One of the top national stars based in Mamelodi, who requested not to be named, told MMG that the only thing that can solve this is respect.

“Look, we do work with everyone around Tshwane. We create events and we call them up. We pay them. They also do events that side and they pay us. We respect each other. As much as we respect Pheli, they must also respect us.

“As you can see, a lot of Mams artists are featuring those guys. Example, Calvin Fallo featured Pencil and Mapentane this year. Dinho always book those guys for Dinho Cafe. We do work well together but respect is needed because we need each other.”