Mic Man talks A Night With Mic Man event

From the dusty streets of Pretoria, determination and passion kept this youngster going. Mic Man keeps burning the candles at both sides when coming to his music.

By Entle Ketso Mogale

Thato Timothy Kgotatso, known by his stage name Mic Man, is a rapper from Pretoria.

Inspired by Notorious BIG, Kanye West and Mr Mo Molemi, Mic Man experienced hardships and yet he tell his stories through pen and paper as he writes his music expressing all he went through with every song.

Mic Man busted into the Hip Hop scene with a Motswako sound and self expressive style.

His music journey began in 2010 with the street hit Party Party. He never stopped from there until now.

He already shared the stage with the likes of Lady Zamar, Chad Da Don, Boy Peza, Vetkuk and Mahoota to name a few.

He now prepares to host his own show titled A Night With Mic Man, brought to you by E.G. The event will be held on the 1st of June 2019 at Kay & Kay Street Food in SnS (Mamelodi East near Monaco).

Mic Man

ENTLE: What is the event all about and why it was created?

MIC MAN: This event is about promoting local businesses, local brands and local music. We are also trying to involve people from the community where the event will be held so that we can help each other to find solutions on how to better ourselves and the township of Mamelodi.

ENTLE: Will this event be an annual thing or is just a once off thing?

MIC MAN: It is going to be held once every month starting with this one which will be held on the first of June 2019.

The aim is to build a sustainable network in and around Mamelodi. Also to grow my brand as Mic Man. Not forgetting my baby ColourSoul media. We want to bring live music to the masses on a regular (basis) and help to create a platform where local artists can promote their music and have an exposure.

ENTLE: What can people expect from this event?

MIC MAN: Nothing but good food from Kay & Jay and good music which will be brought to you by myself, group of artists and DJs such as Gang Green Gang, Gomza, Ash 24, DJ Kukus, 10MP, DJ Ike and Gledwin, Locomotive and Nyico Loco.

ENTLE: You have been quiet in releasing music recently. Can we expect something from you soon?

MIC MAN: I was quiet because I was trying to find myself musically, trying to create a sound that is going to define who Mic Man really is because if you are an artist there has to be that one thing that sets you apart from other artists.

I am fortunate to work with people who are open minded and not afraid to try new things.

You can expect my EP called Growth which I am releasing later this year. For now I am going to drop few singles.

NB: You can follow Mic Man of Facebook for more info.