INTERVIEW: ‘Vuka was just a test but now it is doing well’ – De Sbu

His song, Vuka featuring Senzo SkyBoy x Vine MusiQ x Tshiamo, is one of many hits that can be heard everywhere around the township from taxis, phones to taverns. The song also made it to MMG’s first ever house compilation album The Gallery Dance 1st Chapter and he was one of the DJs at The Gallery Dance party held at Shuffles Braai Place late last year.

MMG brings you exclusive interview with the man behind the hit, Sbusiso ‘De Sbu’ Mabena from D16 in the East side of Mamelodi to talk about this Vuka hit, his music background and what 2018 has in store from him.

RONALD DK: Sho Sbu. Welcome to MMG. Tell us who exactly is De Sbu?

DE SBU: I am Sbusiso Mabena from Mamelodi D16. I started school at Boikhantsho primary school and then went to SOMAFCO high school. After that I went full time in music.

RONALD DK: Let us in your music background. How did you get in the music?

DE SBU: I started in Hip Hop before doing house. I started in a group of Hip Hop dancers. But we were dancing for both Hip Hop and House. My cousin Bongani got me into rapping. We went for about three years. But I realized that I was making a slow progress in Hip Hop so I tested the house side of things and so far ke stele. Everything is going well.

RONALD DK: Nice. Have you dropped any project before like an EP or mixtape?

DE SBU: I started releasing some house mixtapes but I ended up releasing a single just to test the waters. I released Vuka which I featured Senzo SkyBoy, Vine MusiQ and Tshiamo. And it is doing well.

RONALD DK: Tell us more about this trending song Vuka?

DE SBU: We were just chilling as the guys. I did the beat then Senzo said ‘let me try sing something on it and tell me what you think.’ We worked on the vocals and after that we sent people the video clip of us dancing to the song. People then demanded the full version of it and that’s when even most people loved it.

RONALD DK: What’s your relationship with these guys?

DE SBU: I can’t say we are a crew but we do spend more time together. When they do music I am sometimes with them and vise versa.

RONALD DK: Where do you produce your music most?

DE SBU: I work at Lucas Ultra Deep’s place alongside Mrapper Wa Kasi and Alfee.

RONALD DK: Who influenced you to do music?

DE SBU: Not specifically someone but by just listening to music. I just thought let me try it. So far so good.

RONALD DK: Can you please explain your style of music a little bit?

DE SBU: Okay. I can’t really say I am doing broken. I am doing house and I want to mix house with hip hop in one place. You can hear my style perfectly on my other song Sunshine. I can’t say I am doing broken or Amapiano. I am doing strictly house. The style that people will love.

RONALD DK: What is your role in this music?

DE SBU: I am doing everything that concerns music. I am a producer, DJ and also engineer. I do everything.

RONALD DK: What’s your view about Bacardi?

DE SBU: Bacardi isn’t been pushed hard like broken. You hear a lot of house and hip hop at the pubs. It isn’t given that slot to say Mamelodi still has the music that we know.

RONALD DK: Do we still have Bacardi producers here in Mams?

DE SBU: Most of them are now doing broken but I do know a few like Thapelo here at D16.

RONALD DK: And who are your top five house artists?

DE SBU: Ultra Deep, Calvin Fallo and Senzo SkyBoy. If I can have these three I can go to war and come back as a winner. I can’t say more than these guys because I don’t listen to too much broken. I want to master my style hence giving a lot of attention to soulful house.

RONALD DK: Who are you dreaming of featuring?

DE SBU: Da Capo. No one else. He is killing it. His music is touching. Even if you have a bad day, his music will encourage you that it will be okay.

RONALD DK: What does 2018 have in store from De Sbu?

DE SBU: Lot of music. I just want to do music and release it. I am not even thinking about the album. I want to release singles one by one until to the point where people want a collection.

RONALD DK: Any message to your fans?

DE SBU: They mustn’t worry about these two songs I released. More is still coming this year.

And lastly if you want to progress in life, do your things and talk less. Everything has it’s own time. Everything is going to be fine.