Getting to know DJ Mabena: ‘Mamelodi influenced my music journey’

DJ Mabena is known for his heated house mixes and the Mamelodi East based DJ have no plans of stopping mixing anytime soon.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Hailing from SnS, Mabena says his music was influenced by the township of Mamelodi which is also The mother of Melodies and that Monaco pub is the venue in which he learned a lot about music.

His has released couple of mixes (Volume 1 and 2) that are available online and he aims to continue giving people a taste of his mixing skills.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Mabena – Volume 1 OR DJ Mabena – Volume 2

DJ Mabena holding Baskbay clothing brand

“Local DJs like DJ Dinho, DJ Snow Deep and others also influenced me,” Mabena told Mams Music Gallery.

“My goal is to grow big like the DJs I mentioned, make more house mixtape volumes for the people and to start DJing at many places and events to bring people good house music and also make (my) events in the future.”

The East side based DJ explained why he thinks he is different from other DJs who make mixtapes on a regular bases.

He adds: “The way I would say am unique from other DJs is that I like making my mixtapes 30 minutes maximum and they are always heated up with the latest house music that people love.”

When asked whether he has the ambitions of also pursuing the production side of music, he confessed that that is the road he plans on taking in the future.

“Currently I am just a house DJ but in future I plan to also be a producer that make house beats and tracks like other artists like Calvin Fallo, DJ Sumbody, DJ Snow Deep and Kabza De Small.

“Although me and my two other friends of mine plan to do a few house beat tracks this year,” he concluded.

Get in touch with DJ Mabena on Instagram (_dj_mabena ), Twitter (@DJ_Mabena), Facebook (Dimpho Komane [DJ Mabena]) and WhatsApp (0609002988)

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