Ekzotic Music pours his heart out in his song, Friends

Mamelodi West based rapper Ekzotic Music recently released his latest single titled Friends and he throws out some strong message.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

When Ekzotic Music promised to release a Friends song, no one believed that it could get as personal as this record.

Real name Mondli Makamo, the Pay Up rapper went deep in his heart when recording this piece of art, or rather emotional piece of art.

His first lines of his first verse introduces what is coming from the rest of his lines. [I remember when my paps (his father) told me ‘listen lil ni**a, before you get the bag (money) you should hide yourself because it gets lonely at the top.‘]

The song is what we can call another side of Mondli, slow and calm yet full of message and he also mentions his recent car accident where he, according to the lyrics, felt his friends were not supportive enough.

“They thought lil Mondli would stay in that box and influence most of my decisions,” he said. “They thought I wasn’t gonna own property. They thought I wouldn’t glow, look good and smell great.

Ekzotic Music performing at Shuffle Music birthday celebration. (Photo credit: Mams Music Gallery)

“They thought my music career wouldn’t take off. Also when they found out that I was surpassing them they supported me less to a point where even at my darkest times where I’ve knocked at death’s door they weren’t there for me.

“Yes my own ‘friends’ I grew up with was never there when I was at the hospital bed fighting for my life.

“They are posting about me because the shoe fits. It’s not about anything else. (They should) stop lying to my fans and listeners. (They should) leave me alone with the people who care about me.”

You can download the song here