EDITOR’S CORNER: Is good to be back in this feature

The weekly Editor’s Corner feature is back and better. The Mams Music Gallery Editor in Chief’s opinion and words will once again be brought to you on a weekly basis every Monday.

Without wasting anytime let me welcome this great feature back to the eyes of our readers. The feature was introduced the first day that MMG was born on Monday 20 March 2017, two years ago.

But the last piece was written in March 2018. But now it is back and better.

First things first. Let me start by introducing you to our brand new features in this website and the features that are coming back. We are bringing back the weekly Know The Producer feature where we profile music producers around Pretoria.

We ask tough and challenging questions, and we have also improved this feature by adding more questions from the six we were asking before. Every Wednesday from 8 May 2019 prepare to know our music producers around the city.

Brand new features include the Weekend Zone where we publish the upcoming weekend’s events every Friday. The feature has been running from 19 April 2019.

The biggest introduction for our new features is the brand new The Lockdown Show with DJ La Kasi. This show is a YouTube show and will be pre-recorded and released every Thursday.

It will not be a long show because we know that our network data are expensive in South Africa so we will be making it as short as possible with maximum 10 minutes.

But on some days it will be couple minutes longer as we will try include guests of the day and also mini interviews on the show.

This feature is what we have been planning to do for months now and I am happy everyone at MMG is ready to pull this one off.

So what is the show all about? Well, we will cover every angle of music from news updates to trends, interviews and reality checks. Some of the news on the show will be breaking news and viewers will be the first ones to know what is happening in the music circle. From this Thursday 9 May 2019, season one: episode one of The Lockdown Show with DJ La Kasi will start to air.

I will not be applying justice if I do not mention 1st Mamelodi Music Awards. MMG hosted first ever music awards on the 30th of March 2019 and what an initiative. The best artists were awarded and what made these awards special was that over half of the category winners were voted by the public with real time results shown.

Congratulations to every artist who won and we hope to receive even more entries in the next edition. You can see the list of the winners by visiting this link.

Lastly, let me make you aware of the Amapiano poll / survey we are currently running. We all know that the South African Music Awards have included Amapiano genre under one category as Kwaito and Gqom.

We want to know what do you think about this? Should Amapiano be its own genre or a house sub-genre or is okay to be under one roof with Gqom and Kwaito? Head to our website’s Fan Page and leave your vote before 30 June 2019.

Over 100 votes have been registered and over 70% of the votes are in favour of Amapiano to be its own genre. That is the power of fans. Nna I will keep my opinion to myself for now as I will talk my heart out after the 3oth of June.

Until next week, Ke Stele . . .

Ronald DK Nchabeleng (DJ La Kasi)