Darlianoh doing good in Music and Radio

Mamelodi based guitarist and singer Darlianoh is doing great things in both her music and radio career.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Known for her sizzling guitar skills and sensational voice, the artist is one of rare talents to come out of Pretoria.

She got her first guitar when she was 13 years old and that’s the period when she also started writing her first lyrics.

“I recorded my first song when I turned 14 with Dr T SA,” she told Mams Music Gallery. “It was a house song called Mixed Emotions. It was included in Soul Provider’s compilation album.”

With her music journey starting at an early age with big movements, she started recording with Hip Hop group Big Sharks when she reached 17 years.

“When I started listening to Tumi from the volume now known as Stogie T. I first heard this song.” #Hellokitty #Darlianoh #Music #Cover

“I loved Hip Hop a lot,” Darlianoh continues. “I was happy. That’s where I met Russianoh and Young Slouda. We just recorded the songs together. Now I am an indie (Independent artist).”

Darlianoh also worked on Russianoh’s 2018 Feelings Da Mixtape, featuring the talented rapper on the song Feelings alongside the poet Casey.


Darlianoh adds that her style of writing is different from other artists as she is influenced by a lot of Neo Soul, Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop.

“Watching a lot of musicians you get to have your own unique sound. My sound is un-explainable but very experimental. Whatever sound that is good in my ears and I can make something that I will be proud of, that’s what goes for me.

“My sound differs. I don’t have a constant sound. But you can recognize my voice.”

Darlianoh released two songs in October of 2018: Love featuring Uni Sighman and Brotha Please featuring the same Uni Sighman.

She explains why she worked with Uni Sighman on these two joints and that the records describe her love life and where she is at.

“I met Uni Sighman in 2018. When he played (a guitar) I immediately requested for us to write a song. He played and I sang. I then wrote Love. 

“After meetings and hang outs, one day we were jamming and that’s when Brotha Please came up. We didn’t put it on paper. We only wrote it when we were about to record it.


“I can say in 2018 there was a lot of love in my life. I was happy for that. That’s why I released the songs and also remind people that there is still an artist called Darlianoh. I haven’t recorded anything ever since I went independent. These are the first songs since I went solo.”

The Love singer says she is working on an EP and promises to release the project later this year 2019. She works with a management company Pam Zee that aims to promote the EP.

Darlianoh’s other talent is been a radio presenter. In 2018 she was an Afternoon Drive show co-presenter alongside Bennet Gadget at Tshwane Capital Live online radio station based in Mamelodi.

Although she isn’t working there anymore, she scored another radio gig set to begin in January 2019.

“I started working on radio last year (2018). I always wanted to work on radio. I used to copy what other presenters were doing. I was listening to radio a lot.

“I talk a lot when I am alone. It helps to mimic people. I accompanied my friend to the auditions (of Capital Live). I just sat there with them like I was also in the line for auditioning. They asked who wanted to go first and I stood up. I didn’t want to let go of that chance.

“I started talking about random things like being an art activist. I acted like I was on radio. After that everyone asked me if I had been on radio before. I had no radio experience at that time. They were impressed.

“I worked there from June 2018. I learned a lot. I learned how to present, produce and create content. I was also responsible for the content on the afternoon show. I came up with everything until I got the co-host (Gadget). We would then help each other with content.

Darlianoh performing Pusha Skorokoro cover LIVE

She confesses that around the first week of November she couldn’t do it anymore as she was a volunteer.

“We didn’t get paid as we were volunteering. It was supposed to be for three months. I couldn’t pay back people who gave me money for transport to work everyday. I then looked for work (retail work).

“But I got a proposal from another radio station, Afro Live radio. It is new. We are going to start on the 16th of January 2019.

“They want me to be a presenter for the same field: The afternoon drive. This is awesome. I am going to work there.

“Retail work is not really for me. I understand that I was made for the entertainment industry. But music is my first love. I am grateful that I can do these other things. My radio career is blossoming as well so I am ready to represent Mamelodi in every area of my career.

“I also plan to go to Idols this year. I hope everyone could be able too vote and watch out for me. I am ready,” she concluded.

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