‘Artists complain that house music is the priority/most rated genre in Mamelodi while they forgot a few things’

Many artists complain that Mamelodi fans love house more than Hip Hop due to a lot of house DJs who have made it far.

By Njabulo Skhosana

But to be honest house DJs worked hard to be where they are today. They don’t have the same attitude as the artists who tell themselves too much.

Artists should learn to work together and support each other because they are all striking for the same goal which is to get Mamelodi in the map.

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Most artists just recycle then expect their song to run around the world. How can that happen when you keep on stealing people’s work?

Mamelodi artists should learn to write something from their hearts and something they can listen to the whole day. Sometimes you can get artists who make music but don’t even listen to their songs then expect other people to listen to them.

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Some House DJs actually take time to make a single song and they can admit that they need help for some things and they get help from other House DJs, but it’s unlikely for hip hop artists to do the same.