All you need to know about The Gallery Tape Vol 5

The Gallery Tape albums are known to put together 20 of the best, the underrated, the underground and the talented hip hop heads in one project around Mamelodi and we take a look at the 5th edition of the compilation album, set to be released on Friday 1 February 2019.

By Eunice Nchabeleng

Going back to May 2017 when Mams Music Gallery was just a mere two months old, The Gallery Tape Vol 1 was released featuring some of Mamelodi’s gifted MCees.

That first album included well known rappers like Breadman Borotho, Mr Sneed, Mr Bless, Gang Green Gang, BlaqTears, Ekzotic Music.

It was the first of many interesting projects to drop around Mamelodi hip hop industry. It was an album that brought together different rappers in one album, whether they had beefs among themselves or not.

Kaytso performing at Jackbudha for The Gallery Tape Experience in October 2018

Since then we have witnessed three more compilation albums that were themed differently by the MMG Gallery Tape committee from upcoming rappers’s edition (Vol 3) to female edition (Vol 4).

With the fifth volume set to be dropped on the first day of February 2019, a theme for the album is simple: Thee Best.

Songs featured in the album are some of the most trending songs locally and some are just so great that it will be a sin to exclude them.

The album features the likes of Boy Peza, Ekzotic Music, Mitlo, Sliz, Blaklez, Penteria, Russianoh, Klate, Trapper Hollic and many more rappers who dropped last year after August 2018 until this year January.

The project also mixes well known artists like Blaklez, Boy Peza with upcoming rappers like Klate and Tay One.

“In order for the Gallery Tape project to grow, we prioritised certain elements wen choosing the songs to be included in this album,” MMG Editor In Chief Ronald DK Nchabeleng said.

“It is 2019 and the top priority was the sound quality of the songs. Not even one song in the album will tear speakers apart because of bad sound quality. That was our most important element when doing track selections.”

Boy Peza performing at Sky Lounge for The Gallery Tape Experience in October 2017.

The album looks to be one if not the best Gallery Tape album when compared to the other four past editions and Ronald agrees.

He adds: “I can’t really say that but I do agree that it has the potential to be the best so far since we have started with these albums two year ago.

“But there is one edition that I think is the unique tape: The Gallery Tape Volume 4 female edition. It was a unique project that featured only female rappers and we had around five pure exclusive songs from the likes of Stanza, Katy X and Mizz Dazzle. And it is the most downloaded albums compared to the other four projects, with Volume 2 as the second most downloaded.

“But this one (volume 5) is a mixed genre, mixed theme project. We tried to take only the best songs from the best artists. But it doesn’t mean that those who were left our aren’t the best. More tapes are still coming.”

The Gallery Tape Vol 5 will be released exclusively on this website for free download on Friday 1 February 2019.